Sewing Crystals and Rhinestones

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Do you LOVE the look of crystals and rhinestones on clothing? Whether it's formal gowns or cute tank tops and t-shirts, rhinestones and crystals make clothing prettier and give them that added Bling! Now you can learn learn how to add rhinestones and crystals to your work! In this 96 minute Course video Victoria will walk you through all the steps, simplifying the process! If you've ever wanted to sew with crystals You will learn the following:

*How to choose the appropriate fabric for your project.

*The importance of reinforcing your fabric

*How to choose the right stones for your project

*Fabric reinforcement tips

*Supplies needed

*How to plan out your designs

*Marking and placing designs

*The correct order in which to add your designs

*How to stabilize your crystal and rhinestone during the sewing process

*The proper sewing technique to add and stabilize crystals

With this Course you can  learn all there is to know about sewing with crystals and rhinestones and your imagination can soar! Learn everything you need to know on how to add crystals and rhinestones to any project like a PRO!!!

About the Instructor:

Victoria Baylor is founder of Tailored Seams by Victoria, a premier Custom clothing and Alterations business. She is also a sought after teacher, having taught several courses for Her PASSION is teaching and her methods are detailed, easy to understand and concise.! In addition she is the author of her popular blog, Ten Thousand Hours of sewing ( and a Co-Host to the Wonderful Youtube Show, "The Tailor and the Dressmaker" a show about all thing sewing!!! Feel free to connect with Victoria on Facebook---Tenthousand Hours of Sewing and The Tailor and the Dressmaker :)

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Sewing Crystals and Rhinestones

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